Operations & Maintenance (O&M)


We offers O&M Services for the optimization of our assets—Solar Energy Greenhouses, solar farms, etc.  Our mission is to provide ongoing operational and maintenance services for all of our assets. We have the ability to monitor our systems and immediately dispatch our trained solar technicians if any problems are detected or to provide regular scheduled maintenance.  



  • Remote Real-Time Software Monitoring
    • Daily monitoring of plant data through remote monitoring of systems.
    • Event detection and communication.
    • Data collection and reporting.
    • Predictability of energy generated, 2 -3 days in advance for utility company dispersement. .
    • Service Hotline 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Planning and scheduling of maintenance
    • Preventive inspection and maintenance of solar systems equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications.
    • Provide regular scheduled on-site inspections and diagnostics.
    • Documentation reports of all maintenance activities.
    • Spare part and inventory management.
    • Infrared imaging


  • Fault Detection
    • Analysis after fault message received.
    • Redirect solar energy power generated from default area to other solar stream inverters to compensate for the lost.*
    • Immediate dispatch of solar technicians to site that S3 certifies and trains
    • Apply corrective actions to fix issues.


  • Warranty and Service Management and Claims
    • Keep track of all warranties.
    • File all corrective paperwork to manufacturers.
    • Organize and file insurance claims
    • Keep track of all equipment and repairs


                   Additional Services

    • Ground Maintenance.

    • Vegetation Maintenance

    • Module Cleaning. Module cleaning can increase the power production of up to 10% annually in locations with a dry season.

    • Dust containment.